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Area Services: Chicago Land Area 

Incalls Chicago: Gold Coast·Lincoln Park·Schaumburg

24 hours notice Prefered

 Catering To: Discrete Distinguished Men and Couples

Age: Late 20's    Height: 5'7  Weight: 135

Hair: Auburn  Length: Shoulders Length

34A Cup  Non Smoker / Drug Free

Girl Next Door with a Bohemian Flair


He left her two hours later, and he walked away feeling light, clean, happy, his fears forgotten. ... She stood at the door, after he had gone, her hand on the knob he had touched, and she thought that he might return tomorrow—or three months later.
— Ayn Rand's "Fountainhead"

Sophie is delighted by successful men and women who seek out a little hedonistic pleasure to recharge and reinvigorate their psyche. She is excited by a man who can take charge, yet has the instincts to be gentle and polite. Enjoying only refined gentlemen that she can grace the arm of in a show or fine dining establishment, and later ravage behind closed doors.  Discretion is of the utmost priority, and you will only find yourself in her presence after she has been given the opportunity to ensure that you are of like mind. 

Each and every session that she participates in is different from the last. Priding herself on her ability to intuitively assess your needs and deliver in a way that will leave you breathless and begging for more- yet not knowing if you could handle more.  From the moment you connect, you will feel like you are with a long lost friend. Someone who innately cares for you and wants to seduce each and every fiber of your being. Depending on your preferences the session could be slow, sensual, and loving. Or it can be an energetic pleasure fest from the moment of the first passionate embrace.