From the onset- mutual respect and discretion is absolutely number one. I will always handle all of your information with care. When reaching out, please exercise the same. Please include as much information as possible when you are reaching out to me. 


The best way to contact initially is through the booking form on my  Contact Page. If you are unable to do so, or if you prefer to reach out directly via email, I expect that you will include the required details. (Screening and date details) If you want to ensure my availability before sharing your screening details, please include the method you plan to use.

When corresponding, I do ask that you use proper grammar, complete sentences and proper English. Let's communicate in a way that is both effective, and representative of your personality. I take all communications into consideration when deciding if we are a good match. If english is not your first language, please feel free to let me know as sometimes translations can come off as being a little bit harsh and can sometimes be misinterpreted as being brusque.


Screening is NEVER optional. I accept verification website: Room Service 2000, Preferred 411, Date-Check. I also accept 2 companion references (must be recent references from reputable providers with current web presence). and employment confirmation. Employment confirmation is accepted on a case by case basis -at my discretion. 

Confirm and Location

Confirming is always a fabulous idea! Keeping in touch with me leading up to our date lets me know that you are invested and allows us to keep communication open. 

*I have a new policy of sending an official confirmation with my Terms and Conditions. I ask that you confirm and agree to the terms. I have decided to add this step to ensure everyone's safety. As I am sure you will understand, taking an extra step to ensure this is always worth the effort.

I will send you location information and my contact phone number shortly before our rendezvous. This is to ensure my discretion and safety. If you are traveling a long distance to come and visit me, please let me know and I will ensure that you get the location details in time for you to plan properly. 

Extending a Session.

If you realize that you are enjoying yourself so much that the allotted time isn't going to be enough and you would like to extend your session, please let me know as soon as you decide this. In some cases, I may be able to extend but please don't assume this is the case. I have a very busy and full life and plan my day around the original time you request. If I am able to extend, please immediately and discretely take care of consideration. 

Outfit Requests.

I strive to always make you happy and to provide you with the exact kind of session that you are looking for. Therefore, if there is some kind of outfit or clothing that would make you happy, I invite you to tell me all about it. In some instances, I will be able to go to my closet and meet your request easily. For those who may have a request that is not common and I don't have on hand- I invite you to tell me and I can give you the correct sizing to bring it along. 

Doubles Sessions.

I absolutely love bringing one of my girlfriends along to our session and am very excited to experience this special session with you. I do prefer that you choose from one of the ladies that I have listed on my doubles page, as I have already become aqcuainted with these ladies and know that we have a fabulous chemistry. I do ask that you visit their website, and ensure that you are aware of their policies, considerations and the like. If you have a lady that you know and would like to bring, I ask that you let me know ahead of time so that I can connect with her beforehand myself.

Photography not allowed

I do NOT allow photography, film or recording of any kind. Anyone who is found to be recording sessions will be immediately asked to leave without a refund. It will be reported to both your screening method and to national blacklists. I also ask that you keep your phone silenced in your coat or pants pocket in order to create the kind of private, comfortable ambiance that my sessions require. If for some reason, you must keep your phone on and within reach, please let me know at the onset of our session.


There are always unfortunate points within our lives that unplanned circumstance happen. If at any time, this is the case, please notify me immediately. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee will be assessed in order to plan another session. Cancellations with 24 hours notice or less will require a 25% fee. Cancellations 4 hours or less will require a 100% fee in order to re book. Not fulfilling this requirement will result in being added to my no contact list and depending on the situation notifying your screening method and being listed on a national blacklist. It is rare that I have to exercise this option, but will do so if I feel the situation merits. 


If we are meeting at a hotel, please be discrete when entering and exiting. If you are unaware of the layout, I am happy to help you out. Let me know via email, and I can give you basic directions to the elevators, so you don't look lost. Some like to enter while discretely talking on the phone, or carrying a brief case, all that matters is you look confident like you absolutely belong there. 

If we are meeting at one of my private incall locations, the same will basically apply. For my locations, I will always give you directions regarding layouts and where to go before hand.  

When you arrive, I do understand that you are very excited and I am sure that you want to make a good impression. The best way that you can do this, is to immediately lay the envelope in plain sight. At this time, please excuse yourself to the washroom and in the very least wash your hands. If you need to shower, I welcome you to do so. 


I am happy to give any friend in good standing a reference to a companion that he intends to meet with. I do prefer that you notify me  so that I can expect it and ensure that you have requested that I share this information. 


While I completely understand the purpose and necessity for having reviews in this arena, I still tend to feel that private matters should be kept as such. If you are someone who enjoys reviewing and hopes to complete a review after our session, I have no problem with that. I just ask that you write the review in a way that is reflective of  the sessions that I provide and the person that I am.